A picture of Sjors van Holst playing VR in nature
A picture of Sjors van Holst playing VR in nature

Sjors van Holst


A website showcasing the history of the Futura font with interactive styling features, developed using Next.js, SCSS, TypeScript, and OpenAI API.

For my first minor VID (Visual Interface Design) in CMD, I had a subject called Typografie. One of our end deliverables for this project was to create a website showcasing the history of a font. The font I chose was Futura.

On my website, I provided users with information about Futura, including its creation, general details, history, and a showcase of famous use cases, such as its use on the moon! I also implemented a section called ‘Try it yourself.' In this section, users can enter commands like ‘Make it bolder and curved,' and it will use Futura and OpenAI's API to style the text accordingly, allowing users to easily experiment with Futura.

I created this website using Next, SCSS, and TypeScript, along with OpenAI API for styling the text. This project was also my first time experimenting with react-scroll-parallax, and it was a great experience!