A picture of Sjors van Holst playing VR in nature
A picture of Sjors van Holst playing VR in nature

Sjors van Holst


A Deno-native Plausible API wrapper for integrating website analytics into Discord bots and live stat counters.

I am a big fan of Plausible, a website analytics service that respects user privacy, and I use it on all of my websites. The best part is that it's free when self-hosted, which in my case means asking Wouter de Bruijn to host it for me. Plausible released an API, which got me excited about integrating it into my Discord bot and live stat counter for the Uwuifier website.

As a Deno enthusiast, I encountered a problem that I encounter all too often: no Plausible package for Deno existed. So, I wrote one myself. The Plausible API is simple, so I was able to cover the stats reference completely. With David Brands' assistance, I fully typed the API. At some point, I would like to also implement the Events API and Site provisioning API.

I would also like to give a shoutout to NPM for releasing the Plausible package name to me, as the previous owner had reserved it nine years prior and had not used it since then.